mocha is a specialist supplier of commercial furniture for office, hospitality and leisure premises. Offering free planning and design, we listen to the aspirations of each client for their business and produce a space to their stated budget that perfectly supports their organisation

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mocha furniture - what we do

Once we understand your requirements we produce free of charge an office layout and furniture proposal unique to your business.

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We ensure your new space meets all HSE, fire and personal space regulations.

Full delivery, installation and waste removal by our own team.

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With clients from local Sussex businesses to local authorities to global corporates, mocha supply office and commercial furniture from our base in Worthing, West Sussex to all over the UK. At lower than internet prices but with full face to face support, free design and space-planning we remove the risk, time and stress from furnishing your new space. The core values of mocha are customer service, efficiency, flair and 100% client satisfaction. We never fail on a project and our retention of clients and word of mouth recommendation is a testimony to this.

“We had no idea where to start with furnishing our new office, let alone what regulations we needed to adhere to. mocha guided us through the process and came up with a fantastic design and furniture scheme that perfectly supports us as a business and projects exactly the image we want to convey to our own clients. We are so glad we found mocha and would recommend them to anyone”
DH - NFC Performance Ltd
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New office? Congratulations!

How are you planning to furnish it?

It’s covered - I’ll go to Ikea or get on the internet. Or maybe call my office supplies company – they do a bit of furniture.

Or perhaps you could talk to a local specialist office furniture supplier? mocha furniture has 15 years experience of furnishing everything from 2 person start-ups to 2500 workstations for global corporates, and we’re based on your doorstep.

Why though?

Well look at it this way. If you need a new kitchen do you design it yourself, buy all the units from the internet and then install it when it turns up? Or do you go to your local shop that sells kitchen utensils and ask them to provide, deliver and install it? Almost certainly not. You go to a specialist company who can design, supply, deliver and install. This removes all risk of you making mistakes, ensures a professional installation and gives one point of contact. It also gives you access to up to date products you may not have considered and takes all the time commitment and stress away from the process. Office furniture is the same, we do the work so you don’t have to and you get a far better result at the end than you could have achieved by yourself (or by relying on your printer paper supplier to suddenly become an expert in office design!)

Ok, but this is going to cost isn’t it?

No. The beauty of using mocha is that we will not only save you time and hassle but money as well. Most office furniture manufacturers do not sell direct to end users, they sell through authorised, trained outlets such as us. We suggest and supply their products to our clients and therefore get large discounts from list prices. These we pass on to you and in doing so can provide local personal service at less than internet prices.

But it’s just an office – we don’t really care what it looks like.

You really should. A well designed office with professionally selected products suitable to the needs and aspirations of the individual company has huge benefits to your business. It has been proven that a great environment increases productivity of existing employees as well as making it easier to recruit new staff - not to mention attracting and retaining clients.

Ok, so how does it work?

mocha will come and speak to you to understand what your new space needs to do for you. Do you need one desk per employee or do some of your staff only pop in a couple of times a week? Do you want a breakout space where staff can go and take 5 minutes? A café area? Enclosed meeting space? Informal meeting space? Touchdown space? - Every business is different and therefore so is the space that best supports what it does and makes it most likely to succeed. Once we understand what you need we will make suggestions as to the type of furniture best suited to provide the perfect environment for your business and produce a plan showing how the furniture will fit into your new space in a compliant way to meet health and safety, fire and space planning regulations. Once we have an idea of your budget we will then select products from the 60+ manufacturers with whom we have agreements to produce the best looking and functional space possible within what you want to spend. Options will be provided for each item required and once you have made your selection we will choose finishes with you. All furniture is available in a bewildering amount of colours, fabrics or wood finishes. We can advise which will best suit your company image either by matching company branding, producing a fresh vibrant scheme or if appropriate something more subdued. Again, your business, your image. We then place orders on all of the manufacturers whose products make up your overall scheme. These will invariably be on a variety of delivery times and so all products are collated at our warehouse until the final piece arrives. We then deliver to you on our own vehicle, install all furniture as per the plan using our own installation team, remove all rubbish and packaging and leave you ready to go with a fantastic new space.

What if we have a problem or the business grows?

Having completed your initial installation we are then available for as long as you want us to offer advice, further product as you expand or your needs change or to service or carry out any warranty work on the original product that may arise. We have been dealing with some of our clients for many years and in one case have supported a 5 person start-up company through several moves to an award winning 50+ staff organisation. mocha can transform your fresh new space into a company statement to be proud of. We don’t do paper but we know commercial furniture better than anyone else in Sussex. We’d love to be a part of your new adventure. Contact us today.

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